About Subject2

Acquire property with minimal cash, secure a low-interest rate

Subject 2 is a creative way to purchase a property in which the buyer simply steps in the shoes of the seller assuming their existing mortgage.

  • Acquire property with minimal cash
  • Secure a low-interest rate
  • Incur minimal closing costs
  • Bypass a qualification process
  • No impacting personal or company debt-to-income ratios
Available Listings
$350,000 Purchase Price
Monthly Payment $1,125.00 $2,620.00
Subject2 Interest 4.5% 12%
Down Payment $50,000 $87,500
Closing Costs $2,500 $18,000

Save $120,000 on interest

0% Management Fees

What are our investors are saying about Subject2

Buying a property has never been so easy Subject 2 gave me a complete underwriting of values, costs and projected returns

Anthony M

Owning a property Subject 2 gave me the ability to sell my property with Seller financing and make an extra $25,000

Adrian H

I’m a new investor and the staff at Subject 2 explained everything thoroughly and walked me through both buying and selling my first investment property

Jeff O
Down payment

With traditional financing, prospective buyers are typically required to provide a substantial down payment to secure a mortgage loan.

$87,000 Traditional Financing
$50,000 Subject2
Closing Costs

Under traditional financing arrangements, buyers often face substantial closing costs, which can include fees for loan origination, appraisal, title insurance, and more.

$18,000 Traditional Financing
$2,500 Subject2
Time to close

The process of closing on a property typically takes around 30 days from the acceptance of the offer to the finalization of the sale.

30 days Traditional Financing
10 days Subject2

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